2nd Cohort 2007-2008

baker resizeLinda Baker

Now Professor 

Susan Dwyer                             Associate Professor, Philosophy 

Now Executive Director of Honors College and Professor at the University of Maryland,                     College Park


Penny Rheingans
Associate Professor
Computer Science and Electrical Engineering

Now Professor and Director at University of Maine -School of Computing and Information Science 

Julia Ross
Chemical, Biochemical, and Environmental Engineering

Now Paul and Dorothea Torgersen Dean of Engineering at Virginia Tech

Phyllis Robinson
Associate Professor
Biological Sciences

Now Professor, Co-Chair of the ADVANCE Executive Committee, and Robert and Jane Meyerhoff Chair 


seaman_tmbCarolyn Seaman
Associate Professor
Information Systems

Now Director of the Center for Women and Technology 

Cohort II Background 
In January 2007, a second leadership cohort was created to provide a new group of women with a similar experience as that of Leadership Cohort I. Leadership Cohort II is comprised of one full professor and five associate professors, including three department chairs. Two of the associate professors were promoted to full professor during academic year 2006-2007. Four of the women are from STEM departments and two are from non- STEM departments (Psychology and Philosophy).

Cohort II Goals

The goal of Cohort II has been to explore different leadership styles with an emphasis on using leadership to change existing departmental climates as well as to explore leadership roles in scientific research centers. Cohort II activities have included most of the activities pursued by Cohort I, but with an emphasis on non-administrative leadership.

Cohort II Activities

  • Work with a career coach for career mapping – the group spent several meetings exploring career mapping as well as identifying individual leadership traits.
  • Interviews with several UMBC campus leaders.
  • Biweekly meetings to discuss barriers and strategies to overcome barriers for career advancement. Participation in ADVANCE Leadership Development Conference for STEM women.