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Eminent Scholar

The purpose of the Eminent Scholar Program is to facilitate a mentoring relationship between a female UMBC STEM Assistant professor and a prominent researcher in their field. This relationship will be established to provide a connection for the UMBC faculty member to their larger scientific community in order to enhance their success as they advance through the ranks of academia.

The UMBC female faculty member will work in conjunction with her chair to identify a prominent scholar in her field of research, who they both believe may be a good mentor. After the mentor has been identified, the chair should notify the Dean of the selection by email. The following information should be included in the email:

  • UMBC Information
    Faculty member, title, email and telephone number
  • Eminent Scholar Mentor Information
    Name, university, title, email and telephone number
  • Semester of Eminent Scholar’s intended visit
    Contact information of the person in your department to work with while coordinating the visit

After the Dean has approved the relationship, the Eminent Scholar will be sent one letter from the Dean to participate in this relationship and one letter from the chair explaining the program.


Funding for the Eminent Scholar Program is provided in new faculty start-up.

In the first year, funds are used  for the mentor to visit UMBC, including travel, hotel and meals; to give a distinguished departmental seminar, including $500 honorarium; and to spend a substantial time with the mentee.

In the subsequent year, funds are used for the mentee to visit the mentor’s home institution, including travel, hotel and meals; to give a research seminar; and to continue the mentoring relationship. It is expected that there will be regular contact (e.g. at least one time per semester) between the mentor and the mentee.

MENTOR VISIT Logistics for the visit should be made in partnership with the UMBC Assistant Professor’s home department. All meals and expenses should adhere to UMBC guidelines. (


UMBC Faculty: Please direct any questions related to the Eminent Scholar Program to:

CAHSS: Kathleen Carroll, Associate Dean,

CNMS: Kathleen Hoffman, Associate Dean

COEIT: Erin Lavik, Associate Dean,


For General questions about the program, please contact  Dr. Autumn Reed, Assistant Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs,