1. Regular community building events, including annual WISE family picnic, end of semester luncheons and joint events for faculty and students.
  2. Distinguished speakers spotlighting the contributions of top women research scientists and experts on gender equity issues. In addition to department seminars and/or campus presentations, distinguished speakers also meet privately over lunch with the WISE group.
  3. Workshops related to the tenure process, grant writing, resource negotiations, effective communication, work/family issues, lab management and departmental politics are offered on a regular basis in collaboration with the ADVANCE Program and Faculty Development Center.
  4. Support for dossier preparation and development of effective teaching portfolios in preparation for third year review or promotion and tenure is provided for women faculty in STEM through an informal peer review committee.
  5. WISE members support departmental recruitment of women faculty by meeting informally with candidates
  6. WISE provides preliminary information and advice on options for development of family support plans for women and men in STEM.