4th Cohort 2014-2015

Rachel Brewster
Now Full Professor
Biological Sciences
Sarah Chard
Associate Professor
Sociology and Anthropology
Komlodi_tmbAnita Komlodi
Associate Professor
Information Systems
Jennie-150x150Jennie Leach
Associate Professor
Chemical, Biochemical, and Environmental Engineering
turner1Jane Turner

Now Director of the Center for Space Science Technology 


Cohort IV Background:

After a reunion dinner in Spring 2013, participants in the first 3 leadership cohorts formed the ADVANCE Leadership Alliance (ALA). After sharing the powerful impact of the cohort program on their professional lives, the members of the ALA decided to form a 4th Leadership Cohort in the Fall of 2014.  There are five members of this cohort, 4 Associate Professors and 1 Professors, with 4 from STEM departments, and 1 member from a non-STEM department.

Cohort IV Goals: 

Members of this cohort are interested in the gendered dimensions of leadership and career-life balance.

Cohort IV Activities: 

  • Regular monthly meetings during which members discussed career-life balance and readings on gendered dimensions of leadership, ideas for future activities and career advancement, specifically promotion to full professor.
  • Meetings with ALA mentors
  • “Behind closed doors” session with UMBC President, Freeman Hrabowski, UMBC Vice President for Research, Karl Steiner, Dean of College of Engineering and Information Technology, Julia Ross, Dr. Wanda Pratt, Professor of Informatics and the University of Washington