Leadership Cohort Program

Leadership Cohort Program

Program Overview:

Launched in 2005, the Leadership Cohort Program uses the cohort model and focuses on intentional career advancement.  The first cohort convened in fall of 2005 and was comprised of six women, including STEM faculty and mid-level administrators.  Now, in its ninth year, the members of the three original cohorts have formed the ADVANCE Leadership Alliance, which is charged with serving as an advisory board for future leadership cohorts and continuing leadership training to systematically transform the culture of the university.

Program Purpose:

  • Promote the Advancement of women STEM faculty to positions of leadership.
  • Provide funding for professional development opportunities for women STEM faculty that will assist them in developing the necessary skills needed to thrive in positions of leadership.
  • Disseminate knowledge gained from the sponsored development opportunity to other faculty at UMBC.

Criteria of Eligibility
Those eligible to participate are tenured women Associate and Full Professors in STEM areas at UMBC.