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Faculty ADVANCEment Workshops

The purpose of the Faculty ADVANCEment workshop is to provide all STEM faculty with the necessary information needed to successfully advance through the ranks of academia.

Topics are chosen based on past evaluations of previous workshops, the relevance a topic has to ADVANCE goals, and the current needs/requests of faculty. Workshops over the last seven years have included information to assist with successful tenure decisions, exploring opportunities for leadership with intentionality, grant writing, resource negotiation, department policies, press relations, work life issues, effective communication techniques, lab management, and scientific writing.

The workshops are advertised to STEM faculty by mailing flyers (at least one month prior to the event), by sending an email reminder (one week prior to the event) and by communicating the information in “Insights”, the UMBC on-line community newsletter.

See below for a list of previous workshops.

  • The Tenure Process (Spring 2018)
  • The Promotion to Full Professor Process (Spring 2018)
  • The Tenure Process (Spring 2017)
  • The Promotion to Full Professor Process (Spring 2017)
  • The Tenure Process (Fall 2016)
  • Promotion to Full Professor (Fall 2015)
  • The Eminent Scholar Mentoring Program (Fall 2015)
  • The Tenure Process (Spring 2015)
  • Curating Your Digital Identity (Spring 2015)
  • The Promotion Process (Fall 2014)
  • The Tenure/Promotion Process (Spring 2014)
  • Research Development (Fall 2013)
  • The Tenure Process (Spring 2013)
  • Moving Toward Tenure (Fall 2012)
  • Tips for Tenure (Spring 2012)
  • Tips for Efficient and Effective Teaching (Fall 2011)
  • Understanding the Contract Review and Tenure Process
  • Promotion to Full Professor in STEM
  • Evaluating Teaching and Creating a Teaching Portfolio
  • Maximizing the Potential of Mentoring Relationships
  • Gender and Professional Development and Negotiation
  • How to Meet the Press
  • Ten Tips for Tenure
  • Scientific Research Centers Inside and Out
  • Effective Grantwriting Strategies
  • Writing Winning Grants
  • Ten Tips for Tenure
  • Roads to Leadership – Exploring Options with Intentionality
  • Effective Communication in Your Lab, Your Classroom, and Your Life
  • The Scientific Writing Workshop Series: Workshop One — Making Prose Work: Clarity, Coherence and Emphasis in Scientific Writing
  • The Scientific Writing Workshop Series: Workshop Two — Making Prose Work: Clarity, Coherence and Emphasis in Scientific Writing
  • The Scientific Writing Workshop Series: Workshop Three — Making Prose Work, Revision and Peer Review Strategies in Scientific Writing
  • Mentoring and Being Mentored
  • Beyond Bias and Barriers: Strategies for an Equitable Hiring Process
  • Effective Communication in Mentoring Relationships
  • Goal Setting for Faculty Development Plans
  • Fundamentals of Proposal Preparation
  • How to Give a Scientific Seminar
  • Strong Women/Strategic Performance: Theatre Techniques for Successful Negotiation & Presentation
  • Fundamentals of Effective Proposal Preparation
  • How to Write a Proposal to the National Science Foundation
  • Preparing a Proposal to the National Institutes of Health
  • Research Assistant Program for Current Faculty
  • ADVANCE Research Assistantship Program for Faculty
  • Guidelines for Faculty
  • ADVANCE Program Goal