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Program Participants

 Minji_Advancement.web (1)Dr. Minjoung Kyoung  Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry  BairdDr. Barbara Baird Professor of Chemistry and Chemical Biology at Cornell University
 MentisDr. Helena Mentis      Assistant Professor of Information Systems  PrattWandaFaceDr. Wanda Pratt                     Professor of Informatics at the University of Washington
 gslaughtDr. Gymama Slaughter Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering  butler purry reiseDr. Karen Butler-Purry Associate Provost for Graduate and Professional Studies and Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Texas A&M University
 Dr. Hye Won Kang Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Statistics  

Dr. Linda Petzold
Professor, Department of Computer Science
Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering
Director, Computational Science and Engineering Graduate Emphasis
University of California, Santa Barbara