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Tenured/Tenure-Track Data

Tenured and Tenure Track Women in STEM at UMBC
Since the inception of the ADVANCE Program at UMBC, the number of women tenure-track faculty in STEM has increased 73.3% from fall 2003 (N=30) to fall 2016 (N=52) compared to a 12.7% increase in men tenure track faculty (fall 2003 N=133, fall 2016 N=150). Additionally, with the support offered through ADVANCE, the number of STEM women at the assistant, associate, and full professor ranks have increased substantially — assistant professors by 23% (fall 2003 N=13, fall 2016 N=16); associate professors by 83.3% (fall 2003 N=12, fall 2016 N=22 ); full professors by 180% (fall 2003 N=5, fall 2015 N=14). As of 2016, 26% of all UMBC STEM faculty are women.